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Sodick AQ discharge cable 3087260,116501A,3087630,116492A,116687A

3087260 sodick, 116501A, 116687A Sodick discharge cable   116687A , 3087260, 3087260 Sodick discharge cable

Produced by imported material from Japan(same materials as Sodick original), supplied to Sodick company in China

Long life with good price


Machine Model Original No.
Upper Lower
AQ360LS 3088180 3088160
AQ550L 3087079 3087038
AQ560LS 3088802 3088801
AQ400LS -- 3110162
AQ327L 216427B 216428B
AQ325 -- 3087260=116501A
AQ750 116687A 3087630=116492A


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