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X053C621H01 X053C621H02 X053C621H03 Mitsubishi EDM water nozzle

Mitsubishi EDM water nozzle X053C621H01 X053C621H02 X053C621H03

X053C621H01 Mitsubishi plastic nozzle M210  X053C621H01, X053C621H03 Mitsubishi EDM ceramic nozzle

We supply following codes of Mitsubishi EDM water nozzle in both plastic and ceramic 

M210 X053C621H01 ID=4mm DWC-H1. HA. SA. SB. SZ. PA series
AF1 type
Plastic+Brass housing of M2101
X053C621H02 ID=6mm
X053C621H03 ID=8mm
M2101 X053C621H01 ID=4mm/Cut-ceramic DWC-H1. HA. SA. SB. SZ. PA series
AF1 type
Material : Full Ceramic
X053C621H02 ID=6mm/Cut-ceramic
X053C621H03 ID=8mm/Cut-ceramic

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