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M001 / M009 / S010/ C001 /F006 EDM Power feed contact

Power Feed Contact

Power feed contact also be called 'conductive block'. It's for to feed power usage as the name showed.

We are a factory specialized on edm power feed contacts, such as C001 for charmilles,S010 for Sodick,M001 M009 for Mitsubishi,H002 H003 for Hitachi,F006 for Fanuc,A002 A004 A005 A006 for Makino......

The materials is 'tungsten carbide' and a few are made of 'pure tungsten', The materials is the most important factor to decide the quality as power feed contact made of some bad materials are easily use out. Also the manufactory method/machines decide the quality of the power feed contact. We apply professional imported grinding equipment in mirror machining instead of not manual polishing. And the surface flatness is stable conductivity as well as proportional wire. The machining method is especially important for M009, H002 and H003 as there are angle face for them. We get mass stock for EDM common used power feed contact

X056C075H01 ,X056C075H04 ,X056C075H06 ,X056C432H01 Mitsubishi Power feed contact  Z248W0200300 ,Z248W0200100 ,Z248W0200400 Makino feed contact

Charmilles power feed contact:  C001 - 100432997, 100342166

Sodick power feed contact:  S010 - 3085936, 3084592

Fanuc power feed contact: F006 - A290-8110-X750, A290-8101-X750

Mitsubishi power feed contact: X056C075H01 ,X056C075H04 ,X056C075H06 ,X056C432H01

Makino power feed contact:Z248W0100100 ,Z248W0200200 ,Z248W0200300 ,Z248W0200100 ,Z248W0200400

Hitachi power feed contact:  H002 S1352, H003 E8312 ,H004 F1519 ,H005 43033

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