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Molybdenum wire 0.18mm for High speed EDM wire cut - EDM moly wire 0.12mm/0.14mm /0.16mm/0.18mm /0.20mm / 0.22mm

Molybdenum wire has properties of high tensile strength, small elongation ratio, good stability and high cutting precision. Molybdenum wire with 99.95% molybdenum is for single or double spiral cores, magnetron grids for lamps, locating rods and leading in pins, etc. Cutting Molybdenum Wire is for cutting machining for copper molds, hard-metal, magnetic materials, etc. with doped rare earth elements, suitable for high current (3A5A), high efficiency. High Temperature Molybdenum Wire is for high temperature structural material (printing pins, nuts and screws), halogen lamp holders, Hi-Temp furnace heating elements and leads for quartz and Hi-Temp ceramic materials etc.

Refer to molybdenum wire used for high-speed edm wirecut, there are various sizes available: 0.10mm / 0.12mm / 0.14mm / 0.16mm / 0.18mm / 0.20mm ~~ And 0.18mm is the most common size used. For the packaing - there are fixed sizes for each spool and no-fixed sizes for each roll, factory can also customize the length according to requirement.

EDM Molybdenum wire 0.18mm,EDM Moly wire 0.18 mm

EDM Moly wire ,EDM Molybdenum wire 0.18mm

High speed EDM Molybdenum wire 0.18mm, 0.20mm

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