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135005953 135005957 200640978 200640979 Charmilles EDM parts ceramic

135005953 135005957 200640978 200640979 Charmilles EDM ceramic parts

The follwing small ceramic consumable pats are applicable for Charmilles machine.

We choose hard ceramic material to make sure long life time, not fragile.
The accuracy is controlled well, and the surface treatment is good.

We can also OEM small ceramic parts according to customers' samples.

135005953 ceramic tube Charmilles wear parts,135005957 135005957 ceramic guide Charmilles wearing parts, 135005953

 200640978 640.978 Nozzle ceramic Charmilles EDM spares, 200640979 Charmilles wire EDM parts 640.979 200640979 Support ceramic Charmilles EDM wearing parts, 200640978

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