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Sodick EDM Discharge cable 3087630,116501A,3087260,3088180,116687A,3088160,3088180

We supply all related discharge cable wire for Sodick wire EDM machine.

Use imported super quality materials imported from Japan.- same as Sodick original

Super quality similar as Sodick original with much lower price.

Welcome to contact us if you have any inquiries.

3087630, 116687A, 3087260 Sodick discharge cable  3088160, 11615XB, 11615HB,216427B, 216428B Sodick cable

Following codes available for Sodick discharge cables

Application Part number Feature
AQ325 Upper 116501A L=650 W=50PIN
AQ325 Lower                               3087260 L=650 W=50PIN
AQ327 Upper 216427B & 216428B L=700 W=50PIN
AQ327 Lower   3087260 L=700 W=50PIN
AQ360 Upper 3088180 L=1200 W=64PIN
AQ360 Lower(1)  3088160 L=400*2 W=50PIN
AQ360 Lower(2) 3088159 L=200  W=50PIN                                               
AQ400 Upper 3110163 L=1200 W=64PIN
AQ400 Lower 3110162 L=550*2 W=50PIN
 AQ535 Upper 3087630 L=900 W=50PIN
AQ535 Lower 3087630 L=900 W=50PIN
AQ537 Upper 116687A L=950 W=50PIN
AQ537 Lower  3087630 L=900 W=50PIN
AQ550 Upper 3087079 L=1200 W=64PIN
AQ550 Lower 3087038 L=600*2 W=50PIN
AQ 560 Upper 3088160 L=1200 W=64PIN
AQ560 Lower 3088801 L=600*2 W=50PIN
AQ600 Upper 3110136 L=1200 W=64PIN
AQ600 Lower 3110137 L=700*2 W=50PIN
AQ750 Upper 116687A L=1020 W=50PIN
AQ750 Lower 116687A L=1020 W=50PIN
AG400 Upper 11615XB L=820 W=50PIN
AG400 Lower 11615HB L=500 W=50PIN
AG600 Upper 11615XB L=820 W=50PIN
AG600 Lower 11615HB L=820 W=50PIN
AD360 Upper 3088180 L=1200 W=64PIN
AD360 Lower L=400 * 2  W=50PIN                                               

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