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C101/C101/S101/S102/S103/F112/F113/M132/M133 Wire guide Diamond guide for wire EDM machine

Wire Guides (some info. for ref.)

There are two types of wire guides used by OEMs on their wire EDM machines. Round or doughnut wire guides are used by a number of EDM manufacturers and can provide a slight advantage when machining larger tapers. A round wire guiding system may help to produce a slight better finish in larger taper angles (greater than 15'). A round guide requires some clearance (~ 0.0002' or greater) in the guide in order to function properly. This clearance is required to thread the wire through the guide.

However, several manufacturers use V-type wire guides on their systems for very specific reasons. One of the biggest advantages to the V-type guide in the EDM environment is the reliability they offer for automatic wire threading. Similar to a precision V-block, V guides provide the accuracy of three-point contact. Though maintenance demands vary widely, the amount of downtime necessary to maintain an AWT system that uses a V-type guiding system is usually less than ten minutes per week. Because of the very nature of the V guide, automatic wire threading is much simpler and more reliable.

Easily cleaned in just a few short minutes, much less time is required to maintain a V-type wire guide. Also, they can be cleaned without being removed from the machine and there is no need for additional cleaning equipment or hardware. Debris from the cut and wire shavings have no effect on a V guide. Lastly, though guide life will vary, V guides tend to provide much longer life and therefore lower per hour cost and downtime. In fact, this type of guide can often provide many years of accurate service.

We manufacture wire guide for all brands for edm wirecut machines, such as S101/S102/S103 for Sodick edm, C101/C102 for Charmilles,M101/M103/M107/M117/M132/M133 for Mitsubishi EDM, A103 for Agie,F110/F112/F113 for Fanuc, H101/H102 for Hitachi EDM,ect.....

S101,s102,s103 sodick EDM wire guide  EDM Wire guide,Diamond guide for wire cut EDM machining

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