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Drill chuck keyless for small hole EDM - key drill chuck 0.3-3.0mm keyless drill chuck 0-3.0mm

Drill chuck for edm drilling

There are two types of drill chuck for edm drill machine: key type and keyless

Drill chuck with key : 0.1mm - 3.0mm

Drill chuck keyless :0mm - 3.0mm

A keyless drill chuck is more comfortable than a normal drill chuck with key. It can be used on all machines, which work with drill chucks and not with collets. Electrodes from diameter 0.10 to 3.00mm can be clamped with this chuck

EDM drill chuck,EDM drill chuck key type 0.3-3.0mm  EDM drill chuck, keyless drill chuck 0-3.0mm

Also some people is used to use the key type as it's much cheaper

If you care more on precision, you can choose keyless type cause the hold range 0-3.0mm

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